Friday, February 26, 2010

For the love of .....Strawberries

Braxton's new love is strawberries!  They were on sale so I bought a few packs......I happen to love strawberries myself!  When we got home from the store he picked up one of the containers and was carrying it around, I asked him if he wanted a strawberry and he got all excited!!  I washed em, and gave him a bite.  This process continued through 4 strawberries.  He got distracted and went on his way.  Only to come back a few minutes later making piggy noises at me, I tried to give him a bite and he freaked, he wanted to hold it.  So I put him in his high chair took off the stem and gave him the whole strawberry........and he was in heaven!

All DONE!!  What mom, I got it all over, no way!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

President's Day Get Away!!!!!

     For Presidents Day this year we decided to head down to CALI!  Josh wanted to visit his Grandma & Grandpa Johnson, who live in San Luis Obispo. Which he hadn't seen in oh like 15 years! So we got everything packed and headed out Saturday morning at 2:30 am!!  YES 2:30 am~  We thought that would be great since Braxton would sleep the whole way!  
     Well he slept till I made the turn off to go to Bakersfield and then decided that he was hungry.  Good thing when we stopped at McDonald's in Mesquite I got a fruit and yogurt parfait-- it became his breakfast!  The ride down was gorgeous......everything was so lush and green from all of the rain!  Then we got to Highway we turn off on this little tiny dinky road, and we are thinking that the GPS has stopped we  check the next crossroad and make sure we are in the right place, and we are; so we keep driving.  Well for all of you who aren't familiar with California Highway 58 let me just give you the quick and dirty.......DON"T TAKE IT!!! STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!! It is a little farm road that weaves up the huge mountain.TO make matters worse it's incredibly windy/curvy/twisted!  Needless to say I got very car sick! Like lets stop and throw up every 15 minutes~ Then we lovingly found out that Braxton has my weak stomach! So after 3 stops and outfit changes and car seat clean-ups we went 15-20 mph the rest of the way off that road!  Needless to say, that added an hour or two to the journey!  The best part is when I called Jack ( Josh's dad) and he's like why the heck are you on that road!!  My only answer was the DANG GPS!!!!  But we did arrive safely!
This is Braxton with his Great Grandma Johnson
We went and saw the Hearst Castle on Sunday, we did one of the guided was sweet!  

This swimming pool is the indoor pool and all the Gold that you can see in the tile is real!  They say that you get to walk on gold while your at the Hearst Castle!

Just up the street 6 miles from the castle was the Pregnant Elephant Seals......We went up to check them out and they were all over the place, the babies were so cute, we only saw them from the road though.......they have them pretty protected, designated viewing areas and all!
We went to lunch at Fat Cats, per Jacks suggestion!  It was yummy!  But rather crowded, we kinda spaced that it was Valentines Day! :) The beaches were packed too! But then again it was 78 and sunny!  Oh I just soaked up the rays!!  Braxton was being so cute while we were waiting to be seated, he kept wanting Grandma to pick him up so he could sit on her lap!  Too cute!
After lunch we went to the beach, it was Braxton's first time!!  He was so cute, he would pick up the rocks that were in front of him to clear his walking path! When the tide came up the first time he wasn't so sure about that cold water, but he soon got used to it and was loving it!

This is Great Grandpa Johnson and Braxton before we left Monday morning!  All smiles! :)

We decided since we had gone that far we would stop over in Apple Valley and visit Grandma Cramer and Uncle Bill's graves.  Braxton loved the pictures he just kept pointing!

Josh & Grandpa
Leslie  & Grandpa

We had a wonderful time, lots of fun memories, and I'll have to post some pics later with Grandpa's amazing handy work!