Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kite Festival & Stuff!

My dad is the Hurricane Valley Chamber President this year, and they had their business expo on March 17th.  My dad called me and told me that I needed to come check out the Bat-mobile---so I headed over with Braxton (Josh was with the scouts camping) and we took some pics.  Braxton is still a little young to be into it, but I'm sure the day will come!  

Then we headed over to St. George for the annual Dixie Escalante Kite Festiville.  We took My mom with us and had a good time....Braxton went on the slides with momma, and the bounce house wasn't his favorite.  I have to say that we woke him up form his nap to get out of the hot car and go........ 
The train ride was fun......Oh look at that wonderful baby belly going on! :)
Even though it wasn't windy, we were able to get his kite up for a minute or two until he  tangled himself in it!!! Ha~ gotta love trying to get kite string unwrapped from his legs and shoes and oh ya everything!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Its a..(long Dramatic pause).....BOY!!!!!!

       Most were hoping that the result would of been the other way around like my wife but the outcome unfortunately for them it's a BOY!!! So now I have my Middle linebacker and my future Outside linebacker!! Both will choose there own desires and goals in their life, but for now as a dad, I can help them on a path; if they choose to stay on it, is up to them. We totally got a lot of family members on the story of were having twins for April fools day, but for some we had to cut that story short because the world would of found out on the joke and then we would have to make it right!! Due date will be sometime in August!!! Will keep everyone posted on any further news!!! And remember IT'S A BOY!! :)