Friday, December 28, 2012

Santa Clause is Coming To Town

Foto Fly Santa did not disappoint!  We got some amazing shots and the boys couldn't stop talking about Santa and the cookies and candy canes! :)  We will see you again next year Santa! :)

We headed out to Tuachan for the Live Nativity and festivities December 22nd.  Mommy and the boys rode the camel, it was totally worth the $5 a person...( well mommy rode free so Boston could be safe) Braxton loved it and kept talking about how the camel rocked back and forth.  Boston thought it was pretty cool too.   Now we can officially check riding a camel off of our Bucket List! :)  
 They always have the little paintings that you can be part of the show....well Boston looks like he could definitely be an elf.......Santa look for a job application in the near future!  and well Josh makes a pretty good camel, watch out Horhey!!!
  We also rode the train....Boston kept saying "I so happy"  while we waited in line....he couldn't stop grinning.  Braxton loved the train ride and looking at the star they had on top of the building.
 Christmas EVE 2012
Braxton got to make some Reindeer food at preschool so we had the boys go out and spread it on the grass so the reindeer would know where to stop and have a little something to munch on while they waited for Santa.  (Christmas morning Boston was so excited to go out and see if the food was gone, he came in and said they ate it!!!) 
We also had our traditional Christmas Eve jammies and cookies& milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. 

Christmas Morning! :)
The boys loved their presents.....they seriously played with them all day!  They went back and forth and shared nicely for the most part!  We sure enjoyed watching their enthusiasm...Braxton wrote multiple letters to Santa and even wrote him a thank you note on Christmas Day!  

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was lots of fun.....and a little extra work for mom! ( I decided that I would use some of my talents to make my costume and alter Boston's.  It took a little longer than planned but they both turned out wonderful!!)

We headed to Western Legacy Ranch for FHE the Monday before Halloween they had a whole big set up for Halloween.  A hayride, headless horseman, Corn Maze, lasso roping and horse rides......they boys absolutely loved it! 
Josh and the boys @ Western Legacy Ranch's Sleepy Hollow

Braxton wanted to drive the digger sooo bad!!  

Boston was going to fall right off the digger

Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman

It's a working farm so they have goats and other animals and Braxton loved feeding them the moldy bread! 

Preschool Halloween party and Trunk or Treat
Braxton eating breakfast before his Halloween party at school

Braxton dressed up as a Fireman!!

Pumpkin carving

Braxton showing off his big pumpkin!

Mom & Boston carving his pumpkin!

Braxton with his AX

Boston and Braxton ready to trick or treat

The whole family!!  Daddy wasn't going to dress up so we made him go get something out of the dress up box!  He makes a good clown!

Belle and the clown......almost as good as Beauty and the Beast!

I made my costume this year!!  It was a lot of fun, I found these awesome pink shoes to make the outfit! 
Halloween Party
We had a fun Halloween party with some neighbors and friends!  These are just a few snapshots of the event!

Kyson playing Don't eat Frank!! 

Peter and Braxton

Fishing for pumpkins....aka orange ping pong balls!

how many items can you dig out of the brains........  Hallee doing her best to find them all! 

The costumes!!   So I came up with this crazy idea that it would be fun to make costumes this year......I got two friends from work to join in my craziness  and we go together after work for two weeks and made some awesome costumes.....the pictures don't do them justice but they rocked!!  Remember we work at an ELEMENTARY so the kids thought we were the COOLEST things to EVER walk the HALLS!! 

Merideth from Brave and Belle from Beauty and the Beast!  or just Mary & Leslie :)

Belle and Fairy God Mother.....Leslie & Debbie! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's back to preschool he goes...

 August 22, 2012
Braxton headed back to the Smaller Scholars Preschool.....
He was so excited we went to Back to School Night  and met his new teachers Mrs. MaryEllen and Mrs. Jillian.  They have a really big class this year but Braxton doesn't seem to mind!  He LOVES to learn and thinks its pretty cool to have gymnastics and karate too, they also have monthly swim days and get to go on some fun filed trips!
1st day of Preschool 2012


Staheli Farms Field Trip

October 23, 2012

Mom was lucky enough to be able to sneek away from work to go with Braxton on his field trip. Of course Boston and Grandma Karen came too!  The kids got to play in the play area with mattresses to jump on slides to go down into corn, the water pump station and the swings before the set off to see all the animals.  The kids got  to touch a few different animals they had lots of fun and ended with a snack at the picnic tables.  
This was a cool little set up they would pump the water and send the ducky back and forth... Braxton is in front Boston is trying it out in the back too!

Boston and the slide, he wanted to do it so bad, he took forever to get the guts up to climb on and go down.
Tire swing horses....could it be any cooler! 

Boston riding the "horsey"

Braxton riding the horse


Waiting to pet the bunny

Riding in the wagon back to the farm

Preschool Christmas Program

December 20, 2012
They had a whole little program they sang songs and each had a speaking part.  They even did the sign language for Silent Night.  Braxton was letter Z.  His part was Z is for zzzzz's we get when we sleep, we don't make a peep.  There is just one more song about a guy we all love that wears a red hat and goes HO HO HO.

 Santa had a cute little Santa that sang and danced...the kids loved it!!

Braxton and Boston sitting on Santa's lap
After the program Boston wanted to go up and get on the stage....he thinks he is ready for preschool too.....