Friday, December 28, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was lots of fun.....and a little extra work for mom! ( I decided that I would use some of my talents to make my costume and alter Boston's.  It took a little longer than planned but they both turned out wonderful!!)

We headed to Western Legacy Ranch for FHE the Monday before Halloween they had a whole big set up for Halloween.  A hayride, headless horseman, Corn Maze, lasso roping and horse rides......they boys absolutely loved it! 
Josh and the boys @ Western Legacy Ranch's Sleepy Hollow

Braxton wanted to drive the digger sooo bad!!  

Boston was going to fall right off the digger

Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman

It's a working farm so they have goats and other animals and Braxton loved feeding them the moldy bread! 

Preschool Halloween party and Trunk or Treat
Braxton eating breakfast before his Halloween party at school

Braxton dressed up as a Fireman!!

Pumpkin carving

Braxton showing off his big pumpkin!

Mom & Boston carving his pumpkin!

Braxton with his AX

Boston and Braxton ready to trick or treat

The whole family!!  Daddy wasn't going to dress up so we made him go get something out of the dress up box!  He makes a good clown!

Belle and the clown......almost as good as Beauty and the Beast!

I made my costume this year!!  It was a lot of fun, I found these awesome pink shoes to make the outfit! 
Halloween Party
We had a fun Halloween party with some neighbors and friends!  These are just a few snapshots of the event!

Kyson playing Don't eat Frank!! 

Peter and Braxton

Fishing for pumpkins....aka orange ping pong balls!

how many items can you dig out of the brains........  Hallee doing her best to find them all! 

The costumes!!   So I came up with this crazy idea that it would be fun to make costumes this year......I got two friends from work to join in my craziness  and we go together after work for two weeks and made some awesome costumes.....the pictures don't do them justice but they rocked!!  Remember we work at an ELEMENTARY so the kids thought we were the COOLEST things to EVER walk the HALLS!! 

Merideth from Brave and Belle from Beauty and the Beast!  or just Mary & Leslie :)

Belle and Fairy God Mother.....Leslie & Debbie! 

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