Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kite Festival 2012


Thunder Over Utah

The last Saturday of spring break we had the opportunity to go to the Thunder Over Utah airshow at the St. George Municipal Airport.  It was lots of fun!  The boys loved the planes, Braxton thought they were loud! :)  I think Josh enjoyed it just as much as the little boys!  It turned out to be a great day, the storm blew in at the very end of the show.  We sat in the parking lot for over an hour waiting to get out.  We finally went four wheeling in our Saturn Outlook up and over a big hill and waited in a different line.  We got to drive out on the airport runway!  It was cool to see them taxi all of the planes and put them in the hangers, we even got to see the pilots head off to their rental cars! It was a really fun day and a great experience. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

The boys first backyard campout

Here is a fun picture walk through the boys first backyard camp out! (Easter night 4/8/2012)  They were so excited to use their Easter presents.  Daddy got everything set up, they had to take the suitcases out too, cuz we're going on vakacion!! (Braxton's words)

 We only lasted until 1ish. Even though the days are nice and warm the nights were getting chilly.  The boys were all over the place and Boston was struggling breathing but I think they enjoyed the experience.   :)

Easter 2012

 We had a lot of fun this year for Easter.  Both boys are old enough to enjoy the fun.
 Braxton was way into dying the eggs.  He had to keep checking them to see if they were done dissolving so we could add the water. He made sure every color got an egg.  He kept telling us the colors and counting them. Boston would point at the eggs, and do his grunt ( Ya I know he still isn't really talking) .
 Braxton was of course faster than Boston so we had to make sure big brother let little brother get some of the eggs too.

They LOVED the suitcases and camo sleeping bags.  They loved the firetruck just as much but the Easter bunny only brought one. (can you imagine the horror) It was bad news they would share for a minute and then get mad and scream, so it was hidden away until an equally cool police car could be delivered.
It was a great Easter we got to share it with Family and great friends Kimberly Shaffer and Roger Ballingham.

I am so thankful for the Gospel and Jesus Christ. It has helped me through my whole life and I'm privileged to be able to teach my children about the Gospel. Josh worked with Braxton to know that Easter was when Christ died.

Spring Break 2012

Spring Break this year was pretty chill.  Josh was gone to Texas and Florida for different classes so we hung out at Grandma's.  We decided Boston was ready to be a big boy and so he got the toddler bed.  He absolutely loved being able to climb in and out of bed, and actually he slept in it just fine.   

We spent lots of time out in the warm sunshine!  Do you like Braxton's farmer tan?

 'We looked out the window and what did we see? Popcorn popping on all the fruit trees!!'  The boys would go out daily and point at the pretty flowers that were all over the fruit trees in the back yard. I can't wait until we have plums, apricots,apples, and peaches. :)

 Boston just chillin on the couch! :)
 One of the many hikes we go on, it was really warm and a trail that not too many know about so I decided to get rid of my farmer tan! :O

 The boys loved throwing rocks into the river, they thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Happy spring break!!!