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Saturday, July 27, 2013

May/June 2013

Safety Fair @ Lins


The community had a fun little safety fair where the kids could get inside the ambulance, fire truck, and command station.  The boys really liked the fire truck!! :)

 They also had Chester Cheetos there......the boys don't know who his is, but  they liked him!!

Confluence Park   


There is a nice little area just a few minutes drive from our house that has trails and two streams....we go there 3 or 4 times a year.  We had Great Grandpa Hall with us so we didn't plan on going to far only a mile or so.....

Braxton took the picture...... not too shabby!
 This is an old storage building for grain and such.....the boys thought it was a great place to hang out!!
 This is the hydroelectric station..... you can still see all the old machinery inside!

 Boston and Great Grandpa Hall walking together.
 Ahh, the stream!!  It was great to be able to get in and cool off.  Braxton struggled a little though because he couldn't get his pants wet because of his surgery a few days before.  But he still found ways to have lots of fun throwing rocks.

Josh's B-day


Josh's birthday this year was slightly overrun with events! He had class in the morning, and class at night so we made him a birthday breakfast, that the boys ate!! 31....and getting better with age! 
 The boys had to decorate with balloons....they hung them everywhere I would let them :)
 Daddy and his boys.....oh ya Boston insisted that we get the party hat out for dad too!!
Happy birthday love, I sure hope you have a fantastic year full of great things! 

Girls Camp


I was in charge of all the food for girls camp this most of June was filled with planning, prepping shopping and then of course going to girls camp.  Everything turned out great including the food!  It was a nice break to get up in the mountains and be technology free and just have time to think!  However I din't get a lot of time for sleep.....I came home exhausted! The Boys went with Josh to see Monster's University while I was gone and they loved it!!  So glad that I had such great friends to take the boys while Josh was in class....Yes he was crazy enough to take summer classes! :)

Baby # 3 is a .............


We took a Facebook poll to see what everyone's guess on the gender........the results were......
20 votes for girl and 3 for boy.
Josh and I went in for the ultra sound.....We wanted to do something fun for the boys so I got them a little present to open..... 


They were pretty excited to have a baby sister........we are very excited to have Annabelle join our family in November! 

Misc happenings

Boston got his finger closed in the car door.....He was extremely worried that is was ruined....but quickly assured it would get better! 
 We spend a good chunk of almost every day in the pool....we love the warm weather, sun and water fun!

 When Boston is tired, he is tired.....he can sleep anywhere! This is the Costco cart with my purse as a pillow.

 Baby Birds.......Oh dear we had oodles of baby birds and they would get too hot in their nests and jump out before they could fly, we had to rescue them from our doggies..... this is 2 of 5 that were found all at the same day, they all survived and flew away a few hours later.
 These birds were less lucky......we had been watching them hoping they would just stay put until they could fly.....FAT CHANCE

One survived the other had a somewhat tragic death as it got stepped on but we had a good lesson on death and what happens.... Braxton took it pretty hard, he didn't mean to step on the little guy.

Braxton's visit to Primary Children's

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family Fotos 2013

We had our annual family pictures taken at Fotofly.  They did an amazing job as always!  So because I couldn't narrow the selection down any more, you get overloaded with my family!  Hopefully you love them just as much as I do!