Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Lives!!

 Not much has been happening lately, I have been busy with school, and Leslie has been busy teaching school, and going to school, thank goodness she will be done this December, she is pretty stoked about it all, and so am I, I get frustrated when she is stressed. Leslie has also loving her extra curricular job of coaching the Hurricane High drill team, it gets her back into dancing and back in shape, and the girls are happy they have a full time coach, they have not had one for a couple years, the bad thing is is that they won't do any competitions this year but will participate in them next year. The boys are doing well, Braxton is starting to pick up on little words here and there, and little habits, for example, I had a couple of my deacons over for ice cream on Saturday afternoon and one of my deacons kept wiping his mouth with his shirt, needless to say we had to change his shirt after Braxton finished his ice cream cone, not exactly the habit we want him to have, but it was cute to see him copy everything he did, Les thought it was hilarious too. Boston is growing up so well, he is now a little over 9 lbs, Les knows the exact weight, I have trouble remembering at times. He is such a bundle of joy, both our kids are!!! And, I have a good wife that is happy with her three handsome boys, I know because she told me. Leslie is the glue of this spectacular family, God knew what he was doing when he made woman, men are lost without them. Cherish your wives, even though at times things are stressful and not so good, you can always cherish them, they do so much for you and your kids. There should be more days throughout the year to honor them, besides Mothers Day!! Love you Les, your the bestest!! Anyways here are a few photos of our kids! Enjoy!
 Aunt Nicole, holding Boston, on her Birthday,(Well, the day beforeher Birthday.), Happy birthday Aunt Nicole!
 Braxton Loves his back pack, he carries it around all the time, it's a little big and heavy for him at times, but he'll grow into it.
 Braxton was so tired, he fell a sleep eating his lunch, funny kiddo!!
 Braxton caring for his little brother when he fusses, or is in reaching level!
 Ahhh! Kisses from big brother!
 I guess he is in protection mode, no one touch or mess with my Bro!!
 Boston really tired! He loves sleeping on his boppy!
 Dad repositioned some sprinklers in the back yard, and Braxton decided to help out with the dirt. (As soon as the planter box is not in use I will make a sand box for him, he'll love that.)
           Boston chilling in the sun, while daddy is working on the sprinklers, mommy was helping daddy and Braxton, so he slept in the rays!!