Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look at ME!!

WARNING.....many cute and adoreable pic's ahead!!

So for a quick Braxton update:

**He is sitting up all on his own now for 10+ minutes at a time.

**He's been rolling around for a month or so now! He can get where ever he wants. :)

**He's figuring out the crawling thing, he gets up on his hands and knees and can take one step forward before crashing and he can push himself backwards quite nicely.

**He loves, I mean loves the dogs. He watches them so intently, and giggles at everything they do!

**He's been eating rice cereal and fruits and veggies for a little over a month now and absolutely loves his food! He has to have his own spoon when I feed him so that he can shove it in his mouth in between bites!

I think that about covers it, All I have left to say is what did I do before I was a MOMMY! Man can life get any better?

Hogle Zoo

While we were up in Salt Lake we decided to take Braxton to the zoo. We met Nat and her girls there. It was lots of fun, Braxton was so good--no crying or fussing! We saw the birds of flight show; for those who haven't seen it, it is awesome go see it! The eagles were swooping down right over our heads the lady in front of us got flapped by a wing! Braxton was enthralled he just watched and followed them where ever they went. Fox 13 News was at the zoo to promote the Madagascar exhibit so Josh wanted to get our picture taken with Big Booda (sp) so here you are Me, Braxton and Big Booda.
We had fun, can't wait until Braxton is older and can enjoy the animals even more!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Josh's B-day

For Josh's birthday we went up to SLC to celebrate with his twin sister Jamie! It was lots of fun. Josh wanted to go 4wheeling for his birthday....Well as many of you know the weather was not exactly good this last week! But we went anyway!We stopped to look at some things right as it started to pour, we headed up the trail a bit more but it was no longer a dry stream bed :) We decided to turn around and head back down the mountain, This is what we looked like at the end of the ride. I think the correct term would be water logged :~)Hey look, I found some dry spots!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Braxton giggiling


Ok, so I have this adorable video of Braxton laughing, I tried all day yesterday to get it to wouldn't and when it finally did there was no picture just sound. I will continue to work on it! But for now here are some cute pics.

He likes to have one leg sticking out of the covers just like daddy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ogden- Memorial weekend part 2

Sunday morning we drove up to O-town to see Nicole and Jake and have breakfast. Nicole made some yummy pancakes for us!
This is so Braxton.....OHH hair let me try it! "what flavor of shampoo do you use?!" The look on her face is classic! Maximus just wanted to lick Braxton to death! Braxton again grabbing and pulling, Maximus was better at dealing with it than Brody.This is so typical male, the only thing missing is Josh sitting next to the boys watching T.V.After breakfast we went to the cemetery, then we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Hardings, when they weren't there we went up to the church to see if they got out @ noon. It was like 12:03. Sure enough out comes gramps...Josh rolled down the window and hollered at him, he looks over and says what are you doing here Joshy?! Then we hurried back down to the house before grandma saw us and waited for her to come home, we were standing in the driveway waving when she pulled up. It was a fun surprise visit. This is Grandpa, Scruffy, Grandma & Braxton!!

Memorial Day Weekend

Josh Braxton and I headed up to SLC for Memorial weekend. We visited my Grandma Hall's and Uncle Randy's graves up in Ogden and put flowers there. Braxton was asleep in the car so we didn't get any pics.

We also went to grandma and grandpa Hewlett's graves and got some pics there--They are in the same cemetery as President Hinkley so we wandered over and saw it too.

Aunt Jamie & Braxton, this is one of my favs! p.s. her shirt is really blue! :)Here is Braxton & Uncle Chase.....they are bald buddies!! (even though Braxton has lots it's just blond) Braxton loves dogs...Brody however isn't sure that he loves Braxton pulling at his ears and such.
Grandpa Johnson & Braxters! I thought this was a fun one of Braxton Hanging out on the couch with the rest of the grown ups, he's the only one that can play with his toes so easily though! :)

I love this pic of the two men in my life; what can I say, I'm blessed.