Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look at ME!!

WARNING.....many cute and adoreable pic's ahead!!

So for a quick Braxton update:

**He is sitting up all on his own now for 10+ minutes at a time.

**He's been rolling around for a month or so now! He can get where ever he wants. :)

**He's figuring out the crawling thing, he gets up on his hands and knees and can take one step forward before crashing and he can push himself backwards quite nicely.

**He loves, I mean loves the dogs. He watches them so intently, and giggles at everything they do!

**He's been eating rice cereal and fruits and veggies for a little over a month now and absolutely loves his food! He has to have his own spoon when I feed him so that he can shove it in his mouth in between bites!

I think that about covers it, All I have left to say is what did I do before I was a MOMMY! Man can life get any better?


The Johnson 5 said...

He is completely and totally a minature version of Josh. He is getting so big - why do they have to grow so fast????? What a handsome kid though!

Rengers-The 2 of us said...

Seriously! Such a cutie! Love Him

Jake & Nicole Burton said...

too cute!

Rachelle said...

Leslie! He is soooo adorable.