Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dinner Dilemma

Lately I've been in a dinner rut. You know when you make the same dinners over and over. Last night Josh wanted me to make this delicious pasta my mom had made last week. I didn't have the right ingredients so he looked up up a yummy summer pasta and made us a delicious dinner. So today I decided that I was going to make some new dinners this week! I found some really great recipes at disneyfamily.com So tonight I made chicken tostadas! Get the recipe here  They were delish!! Hopefully everything I try will be equally yummy!


Friday, May 27, 2011

A lot of randomness....

Leslie graduated from the
 University of Utah with her Masters In Education!!!

Our cute little family!

The whole gang @ graduation, minus the photographer! 

The oh so proud mom and dad! 

Julie Johnson and Grandma Rae Harding

Braxton wanted to wear Momma's cool hat too!

A glimpse into the future, he probably won't be sitting on my lap though! :)

Josh sporting the cap........Someday babe!
So I really finished in December, but the Commencement was in May.  It was fun to go up and walk!  I'm so happy that I choose to get it done, and made it through with the love and help of my hubby and parents.  Life after having nightly classes and homework is amazing.  You have time for everything! :)

Braxton is becoming such a cute big brother.  Boston loves to follow him around and try and do whatever Braxton is doing.  The other morning while I was getting ready for work Braxton took matters of entertainment into his own hands!

Braxton LOVES to play outside in the dirt with his wheelbarrow and shovels!  He will just go out on his own and play for hours.....not even joking!  He takes his flip flops off and gets to work!  The other day he asked for water in his wheelbarrow and he tried to carry it down to the dirt, but it spilled on him.  He told me to take his shirt off, so we got some shirtless pictures.

His Dirt...My Garden....he WON
 the tomatoes are in pot's this year!
on to........
Oh my how times flies!  I can't believe my little man is 10 months old! AHHH  well he is a speed demon when  it comes to crawling!  He absolutely loves the stairs.  He will crawl up turn around hang right over the edge of the first step and holler at me, squill and squeak.  He won't for the life of him turn around and come down on his own.  He loves it when I turn him around and pull his feet down, so he slides on his belly.....just not on his own.  This has led to a few mishaps on the stairs though....he has tumbled down a few times, think he'd learn....apparently NOT!

He has two adorable teeth on the bottom they are a smidge crooked and it's adorable (ya I know won't be adorable if they stay that way! ) He has decided that big people food is where it's at!  He loves oatmeal....mashed potatoes....and esp MAC-N-CHEESE  oh he loves this amazing food, mom can feed him, or he can feed himself.

Boston is also trying to walk, and climbs on everything!! He is constantly climbing up the toys to see what else he can find in the toy box.  If someone, or something is in his way he'll just climb over it!  He tries to climb up my side while I hold him.  He pulls himself up when ever he can, even if  the item isn't stable!  He is using his little walking toy and has figured out how to get himself back down now too!  

Here are a few other random pics of the boys........

Watching Braxton play in the dirt outside!



If you made it this far.....Congrats!
  I'll be sure to post more frequently, and stay caught up!!