Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Getting old is hard to do........ Josh Style

Josh had his 30th birthday, we partied hard core, or well we spent some fun time together as a family!!  I thought he needed some photos of being an OLD MAN!  I really can only say this because I am 2 years younger than him! :)  Not that he is really old.....

 He kept telling everyone that he was 24, it was so funny.  I asked Braxton how old dad was and he said 24, I said no he's 30.  Braxton was convinced that dad was only 24!  So I told him to show me how old he was and he was giddy to say 2  4......I made him try again and he was all grumpy with a 3  0.

 Josh is a MAJOR fan of the University of Utah......so I made him a drum cake.....not even close to perfect but I had fun and he liked it.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!  To many more birthdays and getting OLD together.