Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Pictures

Warning!!  Picture overload, I just couldn't choose which ones not to inculde~

Hope you enjoyed the fun!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Home sweet home!

Here's an update on the whole fifths situation.......

So the plan was for me to go back to the house on Tuesday.  My loving mom was going to go clean the place with Lysol while I was at work to make sure that it was all sanitized. So I'm talking to Josh Monday night making sure everything is in order and I ask if the little guy had been at the babysitters since that first day.  He's like uh I don't know.  Call her, so I do and I find out that he was there that day.  That the blisters were gone, still had the rash, and shouldn't be contagious..........   SHOULDN'T.........Well that kinda upset me.  I'm not sure that shouldn't is a good enough answer for me.  So we make arrangements for my mom to watch Braxton until the little guys rash is gone and he can go back to the sitters without it hurting mommy.

So Tuesday I'm thrilled to get to see him, I get home and he's busy climbing on the bed and playing.....not super interested in mommy....OUCH.....that kinda hurt my feelings but I also anticipated it a little bit.  But as soon as I started playing with him he was all into me!  YEAH!  It's so marvelous to be back home and be able to spend time with my boy!  You don't realize all you miss until you can't be there for everything!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Just to keep the world updated on the goings on around our house.........

I have been exiled from the house, which means that I can't see Braxton or Josh or go in the house while they are not there.    

The reasoning........
Braxton was exposed to Fifths Disease, this really doesn't effect him too much other than he might get sick, though it can cause a miscarriage if I were to get it.  (It's really pretty harmless for anyone that isn't pregnant!)

Bottom line......... I've been exiled!!!

Luckily I have a great girl friend who is letting me crash at her house and use all her stuff! :) Josh is taking care of  Braxton full time after work, and being MR. MOM!!   I'm thankful that he is so willing to do this for the safety of our little pea, he didn't even hesitate he said you can't come home I'll take care of everything.

Here's the story for those who want to read more.

I'm driving home from my masters class on Tuesday night and I gave josh a call to see what was going on.  He tells me that I can't come home because Braxton was exposed to  aldfdlfhadjklsfh. ( well that is what I heard). I'm like what?  So he says it again and says you need to call Sam and see if you can stay with her.  I'm still all sorts of confused so I'm questioning him, and he is suddenly not there.  So I'm freaking out, what is going on.....try to call him no answer, try again, no answer......WHAT THE HECK!  He calls back and says he was on the phone, he explains what's going on better and lets me know that Braxton is fine, and will be fine but, it can cause a miscarriage so I have to stay away.  He's already called the Dr.  I'm basically home by now......So i'm like can you get me some stuff......He's not thrilled but I convince him that clean underwear are a good thing and he packs a bag for me and throws it on the porch.  I got my laptop and school books as well, but that was all!!  I head over to Sam's and work on my paper that was of course due the next day!
Wednesday I went in to the Dr.'s to see how long I needed to stay away he tells me that the incubation period is 4 to 7 days so if he doesn't break out with the rash within a week i'm good to go home.  That Braxton's risk of getting Fifths is low because the other boy already had the rash, but agrees that it's better to be safe then sorry.

So I had no Green for St. Patrick's day....Had to explain to my students why and they all laughed that Dad's don't remember holidays!

For's been weird to be here, but not be able to be home, I miss my boys terribly but I'm glad that everything will be ok.

For daddy........well, he told my dad that it sucks!!  But I think it's been some good father son bonding time!

Monday, March 8, 2010

We're expecting!

Good job Nicole!  She figured out my riddle--- Josh and I are expecting a new addition in late August Early September!  We are so excited for Braxton to be a big brother!

I've had 2 doctors appointments and listened to the crazy fast heart beat, you forget that feeling the first time you hear it!  Just unexplainable.  I'm starting to get a little bit of a baby bump, I had Josh take a pic on Friday so I could share it with you........

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Riddle me this......

Riddle me this, riddle me that, I've got a riddle for you to figure out~

1+1= 4  ( Josh + Me = 4 feet)
2+1= 8  ( Us + Jake = 8 feet)
3+1=12 ( Us+ buddy = 12 feet)
4+1= 14  (Us + Braxton = 14 feet)
5+1= 16 (Us + new Baby = 16 feet)

Leave a comment with your answer and the answer will soon show up!