Thursday, March 25, 2010

Home sweet home!

Here's an update on the whole fifths situation.......

So the plan was for me to go back to the house on Tuesday.  My loving mom was going to go clean the place with Lysol while I was at work to make sure that it was all sanitized. So I'm talking to Josh Monday night making sure everything is in order and I ask if the little guy had been at the babysitters since that first day.  He's like uh I don't know.  Call her, so I do and I find out that he was there that day.  That the blisters were gone, still had the rash, and shouldn't be contagious..........   SHOULDN'T.........Well that kinda upset me.  I'm not sure that shouldn't is a good enough answer for me.  So we make arrangements for my mom to watch Braxton until the little guys rash is gone and he can go back to the sitters without it hurting mommy.

So Tuesday I'm thrilled to get to see him, I get home and he's busy climbing on the bed and playing.....not super interested in mommy....OUCH.....that kinda hurt my feelings but I also anticipated it a little bit.  But as soon as I started playing with him he was all into me!  YEAH!  It's so marvelous to be back home and be able to spend time with my boy!  You don't realize all you miss until you can't be there for everything!

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