Sunday, March 10, 2013

Other happenings.......

So I have a ton of random pictures.....I figured it would be good to just have a nice miscellaneous post.  So we will let the pictures do most the talking, and they are not in any specific order.......  { I apologize in advance if you follow me on instagram or Facebook  you have seen a few of these! }

Boston & Great Grandpa Harding....Boston loves golf cart rides.....good thing Great Grandpa loves to take him on them.  Presidents Day weekend we hung out @ my grandpa and Josh installed a new attic access....

Boston and Braxton with Brother Bingham...(my parent's home teacher).  They just love him!! They were looking at the pictures of Jesus on the Ensign.  {Bro. Bingham used to be Boston's nursery teacher}

Triple deckers up the stairs for tubby!  1/25/13
 Braxton hanging out on my bed before I went to work telling me all about how a big meteor crashed into the earth and killed all of the dinosaurs....I told him I wanted to take his picture and he started posing!!  Too fun!  1/24/13

 Dinner just took too dang long for Boston....fell asleep sitting up! 1/26/13
 Can you find both children.....This is what my bed looked like when I woke up!!  Not sure where Josh and I slept!  1/31/13

  Hanging out with Great Grandma Harding.....Always to much fun......She loves to spoil the boys...and I mean ALL the boys!!   2/3/13

 They also love grandma's because they can go hang out on her bed and watch cartoons...or channel six-six as Braxton will tell you!

 Braxton got in trouble and was grounded to my bed....he fell asleep after about 10 minutes of asking me what he could do and being told nothing :(  I think he was pretty tired.  2/7/13
 Boston had his first cavity well his first 3 cavities... they did a conscious sedation and he was pretty loopy...too cute 2/11/13

 I finished one of my projects.....this is just outside the boys room.... I love it!
 We went to out for dinner with Great grandma & Grandpa Harding, Duane & Connie, and My mom and dad.  There was this cute older gentlemen that was winning all of these prizes at the CLAW machine.  My grandpa stopped him and asked him how he did it....he said oh its easy!!  { That's news to me, I haven't ever won anything in those!! I thought they were rigged!}  So he said whenever his wife goes shopping at Wal-Mart he plays the CLAW and gives away the animals to kids who are being good.....  Well sure enough about 25 minutes later he came over to our table and said he had been watching and the boys were being good so they could choose which animal they wanted!!  OH my you would have thought they won the lottery!!  I love the sheer elation on their faces in the bottom picture!   Boston fell asleep the second we got in the car...he had a rough night.   2/12/13
 band-aids... band-aids.... band-aids... well we all know they fix Braxton was being the Dr. fixing Boston, too fun not to snap some pictures of! 2/21/13
 My dad ate dirt!!!  yup dirt~  He saw that we were all eating dirt and worms left over from my mom's primary lesson and took a big spoonful of what he thought was extra Oreo's .....only it was real dirt!!  Yes we laughed forever! :) 2/17/13
 It snowed in Hurricane.....its starting to not be as crazy and odd as it used to be happens at least twice a year for the past 4 or 5 years.  2/20/13

Crazy day @ preschool....Braxton picked out his whole outfit cameo pants, red shorts, a crazy green shirt and two colors of hair, red and purple!!  He also wore mismatched shoes and socks.  He was the craziest one in his class! :)  3/5/13 

 My dad is friends with the one of the ladies that part of the Mad Science program.  They spent the week at our house and gave the boys a  Fire & Ice presentation!  Oh boy they thought it was the coolest thing!  I should have started taking pictures earlier...this was the last thing they did!  Those bubbles are dry ice bubbles.

 The boys eating breakfast with the teady bears Great Grandma Haring gave them for Christmas. 1/20/13
 Boston fresh out of the tubby talking on the phone....LOVE IT!  1/5/13
 We have fun Friday movie night and the boys like to invite their 'girlfriend' Kayley. She babysits them occasionally but comes over to hang out more often!  

 My Halloween project in January.....its ready for Halloween this year! : D
 Boston is kinda a crazy kid...he is super strong and not scared heights...Well he was climbing up the outside of our stairs and slipped on his socks and whacked his lip/face on the wood edge of the stair this is the resulting fat lip! 1/15/13
 We had some great sunny days in January we basked in the sun shine and played!  Braxton really didn't roll around in the sidewalk chalk even though it appears as he did! 1/20/13

The last week Boston had been sick, and he lovingly gave it to his momma.  The boys want me to be better soo bad Boston brought me his medicane and wanted me to drink it to feel better, Braxton climbed on me and was eating Boston.......They are such cute little guys 3/9/2013

 Braxton wanted to use the cleaner spray to get rid of all the we went around the house Lysoling everything we could think of! :) 3/10/13

The boys had a fun play date with Brayden...Boston was obsessed with Brayden's hat!  Kinda funny! :) 2/23/13
 They went to Peli's birthday party and Jump Bunch was in charge of all the activities it was so cute to see Braxton participating in all the activities Boston was a little less willing to do everything!  3/1/13
 New Years Eve...we were playing a game and josh had to make an improv costume so he made himself a pirate!  We laughed for 20 minutes I swear!

And Very Last.....I bowled 4 strikes in a row!! Heck YEAH..... it was a combined Miamaids/teachers activity.. Yep they thought I was pretty Saweet :P  2/5/13

Valentines 2013

For Valentines this year Braxton had been talking about wanting a Jake and the Neverland Pirates boat for his valentines box.  I had just ignored the request, assuming that he would change his mind. Well, he never changed his mind!! So like any creative person I googled it, I thought for sure someone else would have done something I could copy.  To my surprise there wasn't a lot out there!!  Lots of cakes.....but only 2 valentines I decided to take matters into my own creative hands!  I went to the garage and gathered up a few different sized boxes and some duck tape.

I was moving along quite nicely when Josh came by and asked what I was doing.... I said making Braxton a boat, he said it looked like a war vessel..... So I was slightly discouraged and told him that he was going to help me then!  Like the amazing talented man that he is he told me what to do and together we made this awesome boat for Braxton.
Brax wanted to help so bad.... I let him paint the slide and help glue it on!

It turned into quite the project but we had a pretty stoked dude to take his Pirate ship to class!! :)

We sure love you Braxton!!


The down side Boston was so sad that he didn't have anything to take, well he doesn't go to school yet and we had to keep reminding him that he'd get one next year.... so I suppose that is daddy's challenge keep up the good work year after year after year!! :)

We had a super fun Valentines party with some friends.....we decorated cookies made valentines ate pizza and had a rockin' PHOTOBOOTH!!  The kids loved it, heck I loved it!  We had it all set up for the families to come over and get all dressed up and my dad took the pictures!  They got to take their photo strip home with them!! :)  Defiantly a hit will have to do it at more shin digs!