Saturday, October 29, 2011

This year we went to the first annual Hurricane City Pumpkin Fest.  It was lots of fun, they had trick or treating for the kids, a spook alley, entertainment, food, and games.  Braxton really liked trick or treating,  but he was being shy and wouldn't say it... it was a good warm up for Monday though.  They played all the games and won fun prizes.  The spook alley was a little too much for Braxton, he started out really strong but they had a section that was all black and you had to crawl through the tunnel.  He didn't like that so we turned around.  Boston was more interested in the skulls that had eyeballs that changed colors.  We had hot dogs for dinner and the boys both ate every bite!  It was a fun night they had a magician as entertainment. Braxton was pretty into it, but Boston was done!  So we didn't watch his whole show.   My boys were some of the cutest kiddos there! ( I think they might know it too!)