Monday, March 7, 2011

Braxton is 2!

My little man turned 2 Dec. 31st!  We were up in Salt Lake for my Grandpa Hall's 90th birthday shindig so we celebrated while in the snow!  (Grandpa and Braxton share a birthday)

For his birthday we went to the Children's Museum at the Gateway Mall.  He had a blast! :)  oodles of pictures and they are all action shots.  He wasn't about to stop and pose for a picture.

We had Elmo cake and ice cream with the family at Grandpa and Grandma Johnson's house.   Braxton stuck his finger in Elmo and mommy got after him.  So he looks like he's going to cry in some of the pictures.  Bad mommy! :(

After cake and ice cream we got to go visit Josh's friend Nic at work.  Nick is an EMT and Braxton was in heaven to see the ambulances.  Nic went the extra mile and gave us a tour, Braxton got to put on the oxygen mask, watch mommy get hooked up to the heart machine, then decide he wanted to get hooked up to, he got to turn the siren on and sit in the drivers seat.  He was so happy!!  He absolutely loves fire trucks and ambulances.

The next day we went up to Roy and took Grandpa Hall to breakfast, then went out to his open house later in the day!  We sure love Grandpa Hall!!