Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sleepy heads

This morning after I fed Braxton I laid him in bed next to Josh, when I got out of the shower this is what I found....I couldn't resist!! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mY 1st mOmMa's DaY

Mothers Day was wonderful, what can I say! The joys of being a mom are infinite! It's such a blessing to be a mom and have a wonderful husband; I thank my Heavenly Father daily for such wonderful gifts.
My mom and I went to lunch on Sat. and did a little bit of shopping!
Then Josh and I had a bunch of people over on Sunday for a Mother's Day BBQ! Oh it was fun to get everyone together. We had our neighbors, Walt & Gene, then our Friends Tom & Joy, Pat and my parents as well as Scotty one of Josh's co-workers. We had hamburgers, polish sausages, my dad made the marvelous Hug Hess salad, Joy brought potato salad, and we had chips and lemonade. For desert we had Marie Callender's pies. A peach lattice with vanilla ice cream and a Razzelberry Satin thaw and serve. Oh yummy yummy.

Not everyone was in the picture, some people had left.

This is Grandpa Pat ( he's not really his grandpa but we call him that)! He hasn't held a little one since his kids were little 40+ years ago

Josh totally surprised me with an amazing gift-- I couldn't believe it. We had needed a case for our super nice Olympus camera ( only downfall to the camera is it wont take B&W pics). A while back I was pestering Josh to let me get a cannon powershot that has some freaking awesome features. But he talked some sense into me and said that we had a perfectly good, if not great camera that was not even a year old. So after 15-20 minutes of pestering I gave up and had kind of given up on the idea. Well Josh brings the old camera out and a cute little case and I thought oh awesome we've needed one of these. So I open the case to put the camera in and found the Cannon Powershot that I had wanted!! I was so excited I couldn't stop thanking and kissing him!!!

These are some of the millions of pic I took messing around with the settings....I isolated the green in his blanket.
This one is obviously got the blue isolated! It's so fun stay tuned for more crazy pics!


So as most of you know I teach school--this means that I only have 8 days left of work until summer break~~ YEAH~~
Well I decided to be adventurous and 'Cease the Day' and get my masters degree through the University of Utah. So I crammed back in Feb. took the GRE ( now that is a test that will make you feel like an idiot) Passed it got accepted into the program at the U. Then I'm talking to my academic advisor and he tell me that there might be a way to get a huge grant, but he'll have to see if there is funding left, and see what kind of strings he can pull. He tells me that he'll get back to me Wed or Thurs of the next week. So he calls me on Wednesday with the 'bestest' news in the world! He worked it out so that I can get the grant to get my Severe Special Education endorsement which they pay me to do, then I turn around and finish my masters with only 15 credits left and pay for it with the money they paid me~ Sweet Deal eh?
So needless to say, though I only have 8 days left to teach I'm going to be busting my but with my own classes!!


Braxton is doing such a wonderful job sleeping at night! If he wakes up it's usually around 3 or 4am. He can fall asleep on his own after our bedtime routine. We read 2 stories sing a song--give a kiss and Say I love you , Time for to go nuh-night!! I know I'm cheesy!!
The funny thing is he has to have something right up by his face, his blanket and stuffed star, or the bumper in his crib he is such a goof--but it scares me I have to go in and move him after he falls asleep.:)

Swimming at the pool

Braxton and I went swimming on Sat, he absolutely loved it!! He talked and cooed and smiled and splashed. We had a great time.