Friday, July 31, 2009

cHRisTMas IN juLY

Our Friends Nikki and Warrin had a Christmas in July party on Wednesday! It was so fun, we were supposed to wear Christmas socks and bring Christmas foods and a white elephant of course!
Josh didn't have any Christmas socks so we turned his Christmas pants into shorts! I put some of my reindeer socks on Braxton~ I thought they looked quite festive.

Nikki had all her Christmas decor out and about it was so cute! We had some yummy yummy food, and played the white elephant gift exchange. There was only 1 steal and it was at the very end of the game; I suppose I need to bring something horrible next time, or something way good--who knows. All in all it was a really fun night!Nikki and her cute little guy Cole!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain is this giant hill covered in sand! So we headed there Friday evening for a nice little outing! Braxton & I made it to the top! With a little assistance from Ty for the last 10 feet! Here we are on our adventure up! It's more work than you'd think to add a 18lb kid!

Everyone at the top! Yeah we made it:)

Braxton and I headed down! Lots of people do crazy stuff down the hill, we were boring and just walked.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lake Powell

Braxton & I got to go meet Melissa & Ty and his family for a fun filled week of Lake Powell. I only have some of the pics from my camera...still awaiting pics form others cameras.

So Melissa sends me a text Monday morning ....she says we should come over and meet her at Powell! Who can resist Lake Powell? Definitely not me!! Since a day's notice isn't enough to take time off work Josh couldn't come but he was kind enough to tell us to go anyway.
Tuesday we headed to Lone Rock campground. It's about 2 hrs from LaVerkin. Braxton was good and slept most the time, because of some delays in leaving my plan to drive during nap time was foiled. But he did sleep until he decided it was time to eat, so I stopped in Kanab and nursed him in the grocery store parking lot :) When we got back on the road he decided to scream for 20 minutes or so. We arrived safely!

We ate lunch and Braxton got his first sand experience! As you can see he headed straight for that new stuff, right under the lawn chair.

Digging his hands right in, no reserves. I guess this means he's not afraid to get dirty---ALL BOY---
After lunch we got swimsuits on and headed out for a run in the boat. Here is Braxton in his cute life jacket, he wasn't so sure about the contraption that he couldn't crawl around in! Ty's niece McKaela took a liking to Braxton she was constantly playing with him! She was an awesome helper! This is her teaching Braxton how to properly play in the sand!Ty's nephew Kayden was also quite the fan. He thought that Braxton should cover himself in the sand! Braxton agreed that that was a good idea! Ty's mom Karen had brought glow sticks for us to play with at night.....little bug got to play with some because he woke up--he was fascinated he tried to eat all the different colors. This is the crazy sand castle that Melissa, McKaela and I built. It took forever.
Braxton loved to play in the lake, he would sit and splash in the water! He found the boat rides to be very relaxing and would fall asleep in mom's arms. We had a wonderful time, I'll post more as I get more pics!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Braxton is getting such a cute little personality! He is such a happy guy!
These pics were after tubby time! He just loves his duckies but he loves it best when mommy blows on his belly after I lotion him up!

Look at those mischievous eyes.....if you look close he has the camera cord in his left hand!

I just liked the red accent in this pic!

He has started to have a grown up cry's a lot louder and he lets you know when you pissed him off!! Like if i take the sippy cup or water bottle away from him.
He is such a joy to have---I love watching him explore and learn new things everyday!

T is for TROUBLE

Mom & dad are in trouble! Braxton has figured out not only that he can *CRAWL* places but that he can climb on things when he gets there. While I was putting laundry away yesterday he decided that he wanted to climb in my suitcase!

It's not that he is full on crawling but it's a little more advanced than the army crawl, he gets up on all fours, moves his knees forward, then does something very similar to the worm, and starts all over again. He can get anywhere he wants pretty dang fast :) Looks like it is time to baby proof the house!! So we go to get a baby gate for the top of our stairs......get it home and oh wait it's not meant for the top of stairs. Apparently there are only 3 kinds that can be put at the top of stairs!! I suppose I'll have to return this one, and get one of those. Not sure where though Wal-Mart didn't have a top of stairs baby gate?!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Messy Boy :)

I know everyone has messy food pictures --I thought I would share a few fun ones with you though! Braxton was having some sweet potatoes--he decided that he needed to wipe his own mouth, then his head and as you can see this is the result!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We went to the Hurricane parade, it was short but Braxton liked it! He wasn't even bothered by the sirens.
We had lunch and went swimming with Grandma and Grandpa Harding.
We had a BBQ @ Uncle Mike's. Josh and the girls put on a fireworks display for us, then we went and watched St. George's fireworks display! We ended up a ways away but it was ideal as we didn't have to wait in traffic to get out! :)
It was a fun 4th of July for the whole fam!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Leslie's Needs

So my sis-in law tagged me. You go to google and type in your name's needs. So I typed in Leslie's needs. This is what I got......
1. Leslie needs a fat reality cheque
2. Inquisitive Leslie needs lots of attention.
3. Leslie needs to catch up with Obama web savy campaign
4. Leslie needs to find a place in Paula's life
5.Leslie needs a home.

I tag Nichelle, Nicole, Desi, Aubrey, and Sydnee.