Wednesday, July 15, 2009

T is for TROUBLE

Mom & dad are in trouble! Braxton has figured out not only that he can *CRAWL* places but that he can climb on things when he gets there. While I was putting laundry away yesterday he decided that he wanted to climb in my suitcase!

It's not that he is full on crawling but it's a little more advanced than the army crawl, he gets up on all fours, moves his knees forward, then does something very similar to the worm, and starts all over again. He can get anywhere he wants pretty dang fast :) Looks like it is time to baby proof the house!! So we go to get a baby gate for the top of our stairs......get it home and oh wait it's not meant for the top of stairs. Apparently there are only 3 kinds that can be put at the top of stairs!! I suppose I'll have to return this one, and get one of those. Not sure where though Wal-Mart didn't have a top of stairs baby gate?!

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