Sunday, January 20, 2013

7 years of togetherness

So......Josh had been kinda sneaking around and acting funny when I would talk about what we were going to do for our anniversary.  I just kinda dismissed it, Josh loves surprises... especially if he gets to deliver the surprise.  So I figured he was sneaking around to plan my gift........well it ended up that he planned a lot more than just a gift! 
Wednesday night Kyson Spendlove came over and delivered this invitation.  He said " A special invitation for a special lady." When I opened it I started to wonder what he had been up to but decided to let him do his thing!!  


Then when I was busy doing something on our anniversary these appeared down stairs.

I got all gussied up....mind you I don't have a lot of formal wear.  It looks kinda funny to get that dressed up for church!!  So I went and dug out some old dance dresses to see what I could make work. I think it turned out just perfect.  I also decided to sport the jewelry I wore on our Wedding Day! 

 I was ready early....I know pretty crazy so the boys and I took some silly self portraits! Brax & Mom

 Boston and Mommy! 

 Josh & I before my ride arrived.....

 My ride.....I was so shocked!  A horse drawn carriage for 2!

They boys of course had to try it out!  Actually they got to ride it with Kayley after us, but no camera then.

 Josh & I 

We went for a nice long ride Josh had made Hot Chocolate for the ride, we ended up at the Spendlove's house and Josh took me around back and we had a gorgeous 5 star restaurant.  

He dug up our wedding pictures and had them displayed while we ate the appetizer we watched out wedding video.

   Spinach Artichoke dip
Chicken Cordon Bleu 
And a yummy desert 
My handsome Hubby 

Our server extraordinaire Kyson Spendlove!  

It was a beautiful night....we have some amazing friends to help Josh pull this all off! 

Our lil' Monster is 4!!

Braxton had his 4th birthday on the 31st of December!  He was pretty excited, in fact the day after Christmas he asked if it was his birthday yet?!?  That is what we get for telling him that his birthday was after Christmas! :)  So he got a cool big dump truck to go with his big digger that Santa brought.  Grandma Karen made him a fun book with all the hikes and activities we had done throughout the year.
Josh wanted to have our own version of cupcake wars.......I bowed out when he started..they aren't just decorated fun the cupcake is crazy good and even had filling inside!

We decorated them while Brax was outside playing so dad went to show him....I think he was excited! :)
These ones were red velvet.  I decorated them, Josh wanted the fronting to be swirled with 3 colors, so there you have it!  They tasted delicious!

Blowing out the 4 you can see he couldn't possibly do this by himself so Boston got in on the action but we gave him his own cupcake!

We had a fun little party for Braxton he invited all of his friends  We had Cole Richins, Raini & Pelli Faiga, Carter Wardle, Peter Isom, Jayden, Deizel, Miles, and Jackson. He also insisted on inviting his friend Kayley Wilson.....She is only 10 years older than him! :)  But they are best buddies!  It was lots of fun! 

Coloring Monsters........
           Playing monster Bingo

Boston hitting the pinata........ Daddy's creation

    Cole & Nikki hitting the monster..

Birthday boy Braxton winding up.....Daddy is proud to say only 1 person didn't get to hit it before the candy all came out, but he hit it after and destroyed it!
      Playing Monster, Monster, Eyeball!!!

         Blowing out the candles on his Awesome Monster cake!!  Yes it even has 3 crazy eyes!