Sunday, March 10, 2013

Valentines 2013

For Valentines this year Braxton had been talking about wanting a Jake and the Neverland Pirates boat for his valentines box.  I had just ignored the request, assuming that he would change his mind. Well, he never changed his mind!! So like any creative person I googled it, I thought for sure someone else would have done something I could copy.  To my surprise there wasn't a lot out there!!  Lots of cakes.....but only 2 valentines I decided to take matters into my own creative hands!  I went to the garage and gathered up a few different sized boxes and some duck tape.

I was moving along quite nicely when Josh came by and asked what I was doing.... I said making Braxton a boat, he said it looked like a war vessel..... So I was slightly discouraged and told him that he was going to help me then!  Like the amazing talented man that he is he told me what to do and together we made this awesome boat for Braxton.
Brax wanted to help so bad.... I let him paint the slide and help glue it on!

It turned into quite the project but we had a pretty stoked dude to take his Pirate ship to class!! :)

We sure love you Braxton!!


The down side Boston was so sad that he didn't have anything to take, well he doesn't go to school yet and we had to keep reminding him that he'd get one next year.... so I suppose that is daddy's challenge keep up the good work year after year after year!! :)

We had a super fun Valentines party with some friends.....we decorated cookies made valentines ate pizza and had a rockin' PHOTOBOOTH!!  The kids loved it, heck I loved it!  We had it all set up for the families to come over and get all dressed up and my dad took the pictures!  They got to take their photo strip home with them!! :)  Defiantly a hit will have to do it at more shin digs!

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