Friday, June 5, 2009

Ogden- Memorial weekend part 2

Sunday morning we drove up to O-town to see Nicole and Jake and have breakfast. Nicole made some yummy pancakes for us!
This is so Braxton.....OHH hair let me try it! "what flavor of shampoo do you use?!" The look on her face is classic! Maximus just wanted to lick Braxton to death! Braxton again grabbing and pulling, Maximus was better at dealing with it than Brody.This is so typical male, the only thing missing is Josh sitting next to the boys watching T.V.After breakfast we went to the cemetery, then we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Hardings, when they weren't there we went up to the church to see if they got out @ noon. It was like 12:03. Sure enough out comes gramps...Josh rolled down the window and hollered at him, he looks over and says what are you doing here Joshy?! Then we hurried back down to the house before grandma saw us and waited for her to come home, we were standing in the driveway waving when she pulled up. It was a fun surprise visit. This is Grandpa, Scruffy, Grandma & Braxton!!


Anonymous said...

Braxton is so chubby and adorable...this is so fun to see pictures.
Leslie I started a Blog. I have some things about the missionaries. Check it out and stay in touch. We love you and so Happy for you!
Love Aunt Cindy

KFinley said...

Good ol' O'Town! Glad you had fun and got to travel up there!

The Clegg Family said...

When we got home that Sunday afternoon, your Grandma was out walking the dog, and told us you had stopped by. She said she loved kissing little Braxton! Too bad we weren't able to see you guys-next time right??

Jake & Nicole Burton said...

I can not believe how good of a grip your kiddo has! I still have a little bad spot due to Braxton :P Maybe we come down soon FINALLY!!!! Ps. we should have taken cuter pics