Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thunder Over Utah

The last Saturday of spring break we had the opportunity to go to the Thunder Over Utah airshow at the St. George Municipal Airport.  It was lots of fun!  The boys loved the planes, Braxton thought they were loud! :)  I think Josh enjoyed it just as much as the little boys!  It turned out to be a great day, the storm blew in at the very end of the show.  We sat in the parking lot for over an hour waiting to get out.  We finally went four wheeling in our Saturn Outlook up and over a big hill and waited in a different line.  We got to drive out on the airport runway!  It was cool to see them taxi all of the planes and put them in the hangers, we even got to see the pilots head off to their rental cars! It was a really fun day and a great experience. 

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