Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's back to preschool he goes...

 August 22, 2012
Braxton headed back to the Smaller Scholars Preschool.....
He was so excited we went to Back to School Night  and met his new teachers Mrs. MaryEllen and Mrs. Jillian.  They have a really big class this year but Braxton doesn't seem to mind!  He LOVES to learn and thinks its pretty cool to have gymnastics and karate too, they also have monthly swim days and get to go on some fun filed trips!
1st day of Preschool 2012


Staheli Farms Field Trip

October 23, 2012

Mom was lucky enough to be able to sneek away from work to go with Braxton on his field trip. Of course Boston and Grandma Karen came too!  The kids got to play in the play area with mattresses to jump on slides to go down into corn, the water pump station and the swings before the set off to see all the animals.  The kids got  to touch a few different animals they had lots of fun and ended with a snack at the picnic tables.  
This was a cool little set up they would pump the water and send the ducky back and forth... Braxton is in front Boston is trying it out in the back too!

Boston and the slide, he wanted to do it so bad, he took forever to get the guts up to climb on and go down.
Tire swing horses....could it be any cooler! 

Boston riding the "horsey"

Braxton riding the horse


Waiting to pet the bunny

Riding in the wagon back to the farm

Preschool Christmas Program

December 20, 2012
They had a whole little program they sang songs and each had a speaking part.  They even did the sign language for Silent Night.  Braxton was letter Z.  His part was Z is for zzzzz's we get when we sleep, we don't make a peep.  There is just one more song about a guy we all love that wears a red hat and goes HO HO HO.

 Santa had a cute little Santa that sang and danced...the kids loved it!!

Braxton and Boston sitting on Santa's lap
After the program Boston wanted to go up and get on the stage....he thinks he is ready for preschool too.....

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