Thursday, December 27, 2012

Color Me......WHAT....RAD!

November 10, 2012

We shall start with the end result!  This is what I looked like after running the BEST 5K ever!  (well  in my opinion and at this point

Leslie & Mary....the cool kids on the block!
 The race was held up at the old St. George other words on top of the bluff, the view was spectacular, the venue was perfect the weather was FRIGID!!  I mean I know its St. George and all, and it's always warm here.......well always except this weekend!  It had rained the past few days and was windy and cold.  like wear your thermals under more thermals and gloves and headbands and your still cold when you get out of the car!! YES, that kind of cold!  

    The good news is that you warm up as you run, the bad news you have to wait in the starting shoot with the other hundreds of people, the good news there were sooooooo many of us we kept each other warm, the bad news people thought we were crazy jumping up and down trying to get warm, the good news they blasted the music and shot us with the color fire extinguisher so in the end......IT ROCKED!!  freezing cold and all!

 This is what we looked like, all white and clean running into a bomb of blue!
photo taken by Chris Caldwell St. George News 
 The party at the end was insane!!  At times the color was so thick, you couldn't see and it was hard to breathe...I know it sounds scary but it was SOOO cool!
photo taken by Chris Caldwell St. George News 

This is my speckled hair......I thought it looked pretty sweet!

Oh ya, you know we are  as cute as can be!  the blue crusty lips and nose!

After the race.....we are not very clean....we are down right dirty!

Yippie!!  The race wasn't timed but we certainly did more passing of people then we did of getting passed!  It was a lot of fun and we are doing it again next year!!

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