Saturday, March 22, 2008


We LOVE salespeople! Personally I find them quite interesting, I couldn't be one I'm not pushy enough to convince them that my product is the best, or that they need to come to the party and buy everything they try!! SO on with the story, I went to a Mary Kay party for my friend because the host was really trying to get her to host a party, after she tried to get us to be independent consultants. We decided not to (wondering why? reread from the beginning). Well she has been calling me for 2 months now trying to get me to attend a color party, so last night I caved in and took some of the girls from my ward! They had a good time and we got to try on some fun colors! One of the girls isn't a makeup wearer, and really struggled with putting it on, the other was asking questions non stop to try and get tickets so she could win the prize (a bottle of lotion).

I brought the girls back to my house after and we took pictures so I could have proof of the makeup on Tay and my loving adorable 12year old husband started teasing the girls and got our puppy all rilled up! The best part is Steph accidentally took the pink headband from the party and Jake (our dog) decided that he wanted the headband!! ;) Steph put the headband around his neck so he couldn't get it and WA LA this is what you get!

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