Monday, September 29, 2008


Here is a before of the room we turned into Braxton's nursery The during.....Josh painting one of the trees!
A finished product! Dang--what can I say my husband's "GOT SKILLS!"
The little tree with the bedding yet just the crib!
So I'm sure all of you would love to have a room in your house just like this one so take a number and my hubby will do what he can to make the rounds! :) Just remember he's pricey!


Nate, Des, Sydney, & Jack said...

oh leddie that is SO cute. so cute. I can't wait to have a house and do things like that. So creative!Good job josh!

Wendylou said...

Josh you are AMAZING!! I didn't know you had it in ya! J/k! Great job! Only the best for your new bundle of joy!! Congrats!

Jake & Nicole Burton said...

CUTE! Very leslie, what can I say :)So we might be headed down to St. George next weekend :)HEHEHE Play time!

The Nielsen Clan said...

wow. that is sooo cute! and very very creative too! your home is so cute! I can't wait to own a home and paint the walls!! i am so sick of apartments and eggshell white! Where did you guys go camping at? it looks a lot like redfish lake?? hmm.. anyways~ congrats on the boy!! yeah! babies are so fun, we are so happy for you too!