Monday, October 13, 2008


We went up to SLC this weekend for my sis-in-law's bridal shower, and it snowed! Yup fluffy white stuff covered the cars, houses and ground! I woke up to lets the dogs out and saw the snow all over, I thought buddy would freak out since this is his first winter....but no he went bounding right into it!

For some reason the boys thought it was cold and wanted to cuddle to get warm! Couldn't resist the pic opportunity!

Ah going home at last! You'd think with the whole backseat to themselves they would stretch out and enjoy the room, instead they lay right on top of each other! This was the position for most of the ride home! I don't know what they are going to do when there is a car seat in their way! :)

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Jake & Nicole Burton said...

snuggle snuggle! They got it made! Maximus was stuck in his kennel in the bed of the truck most of the time:P