Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

For dinner on Friday Josh prepared quite the feast! Watch out Cafe Rio here comes Chef Josh!! He even did the pulled pork! What a guy :)Aunt Jamie and uncle Chase stopped by on their way back from Cali to say HI! Jake decided that he should just be one of the humans and sit on the couch!! Aunt Jamie with her nephew Braxton.

Easter Sunday was such a pretty day that we took Braxters outside (so he would stop screaming) and because he loves to be outside! As you can see the boys are protecting their baby again--"you watch that way and I'll keep a look out this way"


Rengers-The 2 of us said...

I look like poopie, but Braxton sure does look like a cutie!!!

Trevor and Sydnee Foulger said...

You have to have the cutest lil boy alive. He is so freaking cute. I tell everyone about him. Even though I have not seen him in person, his pictures are definitely the cutest things ever. We need to get together!

Thanks for the love and advice, Leslie. That meant a lot to me.