Sunday, October 25, 2009

Braxton & I up at SnowBird!

I had the opportunity to go up to SnowBird for SpyHop training for work, Lori was kind enough to watch B while I was busy making movies and such! We had a really great time! On the way down I stopped and took some pics of B in the leaves....this one is my FAV!! :)
The sky......oh how pretty are the mountains :)

I know you can't really tell, but that is snow falling from the sky! Yes Yes! It didn't stick but it sure came down hard!

My naked boy! He loves the remote! :)


The Clegg Family said...

what a cutie! And look at that hair.

The Allen Family said...

Oh my gosh he is getting so big. He is so adorable. How are your mom and dad doing? You will have to tell them hi for us! We miss all you guys in the warm weather!