Monday, July 19, 2010

Boy toys!

Braxton recently got a BOY toy....Ironman.... Our niece and her dad are living with us, and Braxton likes to play with her toys.  Well daddy says they are girl DADDY bought Braxton a boy toy!!  He absolutely loves it!  He loads the weapons, and says "RIRE" and pushes the button to make them shoot!  So cute :) Then he runs after it, grabs it and puts it back in. I snapped some pictures of Josh and Braxton playing after church.  I think they are two very handsome men!

I love this action shot......

and just for fun another belly picture!


KFinley said...

Braxton is so cute! I love the cute baby belly!

Jake & Nicole Burton said...

Fun! Hopefully next time we can buy you some girl toys... so next summer sound good? :)