Thursday, May 30, 2013

San Luis Obispo & LA... Spring Break '13

For Spring Break this year we planned on heading to Cali to visit Josh's family......well I decided to get nice and sick right before spring break, it was awesome.....NOT well we pushed plans back and adjusted and finally left Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning, like 2 am ish so the boys would sleep the majority of the drive.  Well that plan backfired too, so needless to say we finally stopped in Primm Valley and we all slept, as you can see the boys refused to sleep in their carseats, it was up with us or nothing at all.

Took a stretching break at the César Chávez National was a gorgeous mountainous area!! The boys were soooooo happy to be out of the car!!

Then more sleeping in the car, granted not when I would have liked them sound asleep but I certainly wasn't going to argue!

We ARRIVED!!  San Luis Obispo was just as pretty as I remembered!!  Yep,the boys are still in jammies....cuz why the heck not!  They enjoyed exploring  Great Grandpa Johnson's back yard and finding all the bugs.

I must interject a story/explanation here......So I had been sick before we left, thought all was good and clear , but after we arrived I started to have a really bad pain in my hurt to open it, and close it, went in the bathroom thinking something had gotten in it, well YA, something had a GIANT infection!!!!  I had clumps and clumps of  thick mucus coming out of my a call in to my Dr, and a trip to the local Walgreens I was all set.  but I couldn't wear makeup the rest of the I know I naturally beautiful but that it why I have NO makeup on in any of these pics! 

We went to lunch with Great Grandpa Johnson and Nina and Boston was less than thrilled to behave in the restaurant, it was a mixture of this and dumping salt and pepper behind the benches.......
After lunch we headed to the beach.......Yes a nice relaxing day in the sun! 

Needless to say Boston was a little tired after his day at the beach!
The next day we drove up the coast to go see the seals, um ya it was freezing up there.......BURRRRRR

We had lots of fun watching them we were giving them all names this little group was something like Bob, Sally, and Fred!

After the seals we met up with Great Grandpa Cramer and Aunt Jenny for some lunch.

We tried the beach again but it was too chilly to get in, so we played in the sand for a long time!

Great Grandpa Johnson and Nina let us stay in their room, the boys loved the big screen TV with Disney!

The boys were being so silly when I wanted to take pictures of them with Great Grandpa and Nina......
 If Jack had been around it would have been a marvelous 4 generation picture, but still Braxton, Dad and Boston and Great Grandpa Johnson

After SLO we headed to LA......I was a woman on a mission and  boy did I succeed.....too bad I ran out of time to shop because we had been stuck in LA traffic for 2+ hours. The Fabric District did not disappoint I got all of that fabric for under $60 we are talking 40+ yards of fabric!!

Then we met up with my cousins and their adorable families for dinner......I wish we could have spent more time hanging out with them.....Next time we will stay and play for at least a day or two :)
Aubrey & I

                                                            Aubrey, Leslie and Desi
All our Kids......we kinda have a bunch when they all get together!!
Will, Sydnee, Bryce, Jack, Braxton, Boston, Crew, Addison.....some good looking kids if you ask me!

 Then we headed home, yes late that night....we thought well if the boys didn't sleep early in the morning maybe they would sleep better at night.....HA HA HA, Josh was able to drive about 2 hours then we switched as no one was sleeping I drove most the way back before I stopped to sleep....I had to leave the car running to keep Boston asleep.....when I stopped for gas, he woke up immediately.....we got home Saturday morning some time just in time for the boys to have a fun day at home and mommy to sleep!!

It was a crazy fun adventurous trip, just the way we like them!  Until next time, Cali take care of our precious family! :)

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