Monday, May 26, 2008

The Finished Product!

We finished the yard off by planting flowers and veggies and strawberries! These are the flowers
Josh planted the slightly off center yellow flowers! But I love him for helping! :)
More flowers with all the rocks we pulled out of the flower bed.
My tomato plant! Can you see the little tomatoes?!
The strawberries! I hope we get some this year! I love strawberries!
The other tomato plant, it has some on it too- just can't see them in the picture!
Yeah Yeah Yeah! Our next project is the upstairs bathrooms!


Ty and Melissa Sleight said...

Hey that's cool! It really looks great. I doubt you will get strawberries on the first year, we only got one little tiny one last year, but are hoping for all lot this year. Got a love house/yard work!

tHe BuRtOn BuNcH said...

Looks good! Now, Josh, just need some measurements for some sprinkler parts!! :0) I wish we could sell our house so I could do some fun updating of my own. Need some pics of your decorations in the new digs. REMEMBER to ask your friends for the Twilight Books Leslie! So GOOD! Love ya. We should save some money for a cruise or something in the winter!!

Rockin' Richins Fam. said...

Yeah for back yards! Pretty!

C&K Finley said...

That looks amazing - good work! I can't wait to come and visit and feel the grass for myself! Miss you!