Sunday, November 30, 2008


Josh is so excited that it's Christmas time! We spent thanksgiving in SLC and went to see the Lights on temple square.......note to self the night after they light them you should not try and go see them, the grounds are shoulder to shoulder! But it was fun to see the lights and be with family and friends!
Leslie & Lindsey (Josh A.'s GF)@ Temple square

Josh, Lindsey, Leslie, and Josh

Leslie hanging out waiting for the rest of the group to get there.....did I mention that parking was insane! The only reason we found somewhere even relatively close was I saw someone leaving their apt, and we stole their space! :)

After the lights we went to Leatherby's for ice cream, this was what Josh's looked like! You should have seen everyone staring at him :) the menu didn't mention how large it was, and it was called Grandma's creamery ice cream, who would think that a grandma would eat that much! Well needless to say he didn't finish it while we were there, but he sure did finish it after I went to bed that night! That boy can eat ice cream!

These are the house decorations that got put up last week! Josh did a lot of it, but I did my share as well~

The Christmas tree before the presents........

The beautiful tree all finished! Presents and all!;)

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Jake & Nicole Burton said...

Stnikin'cute! By the way that icecream looks really GROSS! Eww! I will let you know about coming down next month... I have to see what I can get off.