Saturday, January 17, 2009

A note from the dad!!

Well, its been a little over two weeks now, and I can honestly say I enjoy being a father. It's funny how much one could think they have grown up until they have a Heavenly Angel come down and touch their lives, I love my son with all my heart, and I am ready for this new challenge in my life of being a great parent, I can't wait for many more memories with him. I especially love my wife for the strength she had the past 9 months to give us this beautiful experience of being parents, she is the greatest woman in the world, and I'm thankful for all that she is and does!! I know many would like to meet our son, and I promise all will have the chance, he's a bundle of joy!! I always said to my wife that I wanted a family of 2, but this experience has broadened my thoughts to about 4 or 5. It's seriously the greatest thing that has happened to me in my life. I can't imagine anyone regretting to be parents, it's the funnest thing ever!!! Until next time, I bid farewell for now!! Love to all!


The Nielsen Clan said...

Les~ Braxton is adorable!! I hope that you are doing well! I just love the little new born pics you had taken of him! soo adorable! and for the nursing cover.. I wanted to send you one as a baby gift I just wasn't sure if you already had one! so just email me your address and I will get one out to you! they can be a life saver out in public! And brandon and I have to agree, parenting is one of the best challenges in life!!

Jake & Nicole Burton said...

It is awesome that you posted. I like to think I am one of the few (besides you, Karen, and Jeff) that truely understands in fullness how GREAT of a wife you have. Leslie is such a blessing in life and for Braxton to have both you and her in his life is most likely the greatest blessing besides his own personal Savior for him to have. To be an good example to others in this life's unique unexpected journey is a great accomplishment, and the mother of your child have done just that. It was accomplished well before Dec 31, 2008 but it will only grow more in power as she becomes the great mother I know she is meant to be. Love you both. Hope to see you soon (March 1st... we will be there!!!) Isn't it great to know that one of your greatest blessings, Leslie, is also someone else's too!