Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Braxton's first time ShOOtinG!! ya, a GUN

So while we were up for thanksgiving the boys always go out shooting.....this year they decided to take Braxton. Daddy got him all decked out in winter apparel, it's really for Christmas but he got to wear it early. 
If you ask me he knows how to pose!!  He's showing off his cool boots that light up when he steps!

 The boys.......Braxton, Josh A. Troy, Garret, Gage, Chase & not pictured Josh J.

Ready aim....FIRE

He was lucky enough to ride in the Rhino with the Gain Boys ( mommy approved he was seat belted in)

It was just a comfy enough ride for a nice nap!! :)

They had a blast!!  Braxton was so full of energy and happy when he got home!

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JaLesha said...

Hahahaaha! I love that he fell asleep!!! So cute!! And good mommy for making sure they buckled him in! I'm so paranoid about stuff like that!!