Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving & Leslie's b-day

We were up in Salt Lake this year for Thanksgiving.  We had a really fun time.  Some of the highlights are...
Making rolls for Thanksgiving dinner at Jamie & chases house...the upstairs bathroom was the hottest room in the house so we used it to raise all of the rolls in!  It was funny!!

Going up to Layton to meet Nicole for my birthday. We had lunch at the Olive Garden.  Everyone thought that Boston must have been her's! :)

I love this one.... it's like they are communicating with each other!  So funny :)

Nicole modeling her Christmas present... I wanted her to be able to use it, so I had her open it early! 
 Josh had gone to the mall with Chase on black Friday, well if midnight counts!  he got me tonz of Victoria's Secret lotion!!!!  I was all out, it was just what I needed!  Braxton kept getting them out of the bag and smelling them, then taking them to Jamie to smell adorable!!

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