Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SLC 11/18-11/21

Last weekend we went up to SLC for Hurricane's state game. They played hard and ended up losing to Juan Diego.  The drill team did a wonderful job!!  Yeah!  That's what really matters to me! :) the poor things were freezing.  Josh took the boys up Thursday night, he took our bishop's boy Corry to help with the boys on tracks getting up to the game.  He also took a co-worker up with him, so he had lots of MANpower for the kiddos.  I rode the bus up with my girls; boy 4:30 is sure early to be on a bus!!

We stayed with Aunt Jamie & Uncle Chase.  The weekend was uneventful, restful and fun.  We went to get ice cream and braved the storm!
Braxton & Grandma Julie
 Jamie & Chase
 Julie, Jack & Braxton 
 Josh, Boston & I
 Josh A. & Lindsay
It obviously snowed while we were up in West Jordan, since it was Boston's first snow storm I took a pic! 

Saturday Morning we headed to Cabela's, Josh had a gift card from his birthday burning a huge hole in his wallet!!  We had tons of fun playing around!

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JaLesha said...

Aren't those ginormous chairs hilarious?!! Hubby sat in one at Sam's Club one day and HE looked little in it (he's 6ft5 and not skinny, lol)!