Monday, November 8, 2010

haPPy haLLowEEn

Braxton's first horseback riding experience.  He was just thrilled that he got to ride Joe.  He was so cute chillin' all by Joe started to walk he wasn't so sure, so momma jumped up and went for a ride too!

After the Horsey ride we carved our pumpkins......Braxton really seemed to enjoy himself! He really wanted to cut the pumpkin on his own too.....maybe in a year or two! :)

I was just messing around taking some 3 month pics of Boston and since it was Halloween I made them festive.
 Braxton and daddy all dressed up for trick-or-treating!  We had a blast, Braxton was such a trooper we took both kids out in the strollers and hit more than half our ward!  Braxton made a haul!!  He was upset when I had to dump some of the candy out of the cauldron so he could get more....but as soon as he got more candy at the next house all was well!
 Momma and Braxton, momma was a hick, or what ever you want to say.....just all dressed up in random weirdness!
Boston, Momma, and Braxton  Showing off the candy pile!


Aubrey said...

how cute! Love the costumes!! s

KFinley said...

Happy Halloween! The photos are adorable!