Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Mania!

 Braxton received a lawn mower for Easter and judging on his face I think he has awhile until the Big lawn mower comes into play. Love the face, bud.

He also received and trike motorcycle, he loves putting anything and everything in the bucket seat, so if we can't find the remote or our keys or even our car keys, we know just where to look!

  Braxton got a wheel barrow and some gardening tools, well Boston thought it was his. Apparently he loves playing with the big boy toys which is fine by us.I think he wants to be grown up so he can play with Braxton more!

Braxton and Grandma Harding playing with his bubbles outside, this kid loves his bubbles, it's great hearing him laugh and try to pop the bubbles when Grandma blew them.
 Braxton needed help from mommy on his Easter egg hunt. I guess the basket started to get heavy. Looks like daddy will start to get heavier with all that candy as well, for those that know I love chocolate.

Apparently the easter bunny was not hiding the eggs hard enough, because this kid found them all, way to go bud!
 With these last pics we could not help but have Boston get in the festivities, so he found one egg and was trying to eat it, too bad it was a hard boiled egg, he is getting there!
 Hope all had a wonderful Easter, and also remembered our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Love to all!

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