Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Jivin Update.......

           Well we are slackers when it comes to updating our blog, but I shall attempt to update what I can think of. Braxton is getting big, the time does fly, you older veterans with kids were not kidding that it goes by so fast. He is hilarious, his vocabulary has the cutest phrases, my favorite is that if you sneeze he will say, "Bless you daddy", or "Bless you Mommy", and if he sneezes and you say bless you to him, he will say, "Thank You", and smile, I love this kid. He is sometimes a handful, but to tell you the truth if you truly know your kids, it's not that bad going through that stage. We enjoyed Easter very much, Braxton received a lot of candy that we really have to manage, or ration, because the kid wants candy all the time, he doesn't even eat his healthy food if there is candy in sight or if you slipped out the word, "Candy", in front of him. He loves to go on walks, and ride in the car with his window down, if it gets too cold he will tell you to role it up. He loves his brother Boston, and wants to play with him like a big boy already, but, Boston is not quite there yet. And, he will occasionally share whatever he has, if you ask him, sometimes he is not in the mood to share, and wants it for himself, I don't blame him, because I am sure we can all be like that at times.
                  Boston is crawling, and finally starting to climb the stairs, Daddy is helping him a lot on that part, all Mommy says is, that it's time to get out the gates for the stairs. He has one tooth and more are coming in. He has got the cutest baby giggle in the world, and the cutest smile, he must get it from his mom. He also likes to play with Big Brothers toys when he gets a chance. He really hates it if your eating food that he can't have, so when we make something we have to make sure we make something soft and smooth that he can have. Les, will have a new job next year teaching severe education at Hurricane Elementary, I believe she is exited and ready for the new challenge, I do believe she will miss teaching the second grade , and the many friends she met at Three Falls Elementary. "Good luck honey, WE LOVE YOU!". As for Dad, he is still working hard as a restoration Technician for AAA Disaster, at times it is fun, and at times it is very stressful, but it is very rewarding when you make someones day when they have something fall a part on them. Well, I am sure there is more news I have not mentioned, but that is all I am saying for now. Enjoy life everyone!!


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Nice to hear from you all again! :)