Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Schools Out!

 So it's officially summer in my book, Schools out!!! But we have been hanging out at my new school trying to get my room all set up!  Let me tell you there are lots of fun things to play on and with in a severe special education classroom..... Braxton found some balls that I haven't inflated yet, he thought they made a nice hat! :)

The mini trampoline oh boy they spend tonz and tonz of time on this....Boston loves to hold on and jump jump jump! 

We also spend lots of time out in the pool....of course i have no pictures in the actual pool, but I had promised Braxton that we could swim after his nap, then silly mommy couldn't find the pump to blow up the pool, so we improvised!  He loved it! :) 

Braxton is trying to blow up the pool!  Good Luck Kiddo!
Memorial day weekend family had come to st. George so all the kiddos got together and played.....Braxton and his cousin Ashlynn were inseparable!  They played in the sandbox and on the slide and swings....it was lots of fun! I had my camera, but didn't snap any photo's until it was time to go....

Sunday afternoon when we were headed over,  I love the hand under his chin! 

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