Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hurricane Irene = Josh's First Deployment

Josh has been deployed to the east coast to write claims for Allstate Insurance for the homes that were damaged as a result of Hurricane Irene.  He got the e-mail Saturday the 27th of August.  He flew out  of St. George at 6 am on the 30th.  He went to Philadelphia, PA  for orientation and Allstate specific training.  He was then given 15 claims in North Carolina.  He is learning a lot as he goes from claim to claim.  He said he could definitely tell when he crossed the border in NC because there were trees down all over and you could see a lot of the damage.  His claims have been in a few different cities all relatively close together though.  He has met a lot of nice people and seen some amazing houses! :)  He closed out all of the original 15 in a week.  He now has 6 new claims.  We will see what happens next.  That is the hardest part, just not knowing what the future holds or how long he'll be away.
We love him and miss him lots, but we are proud of him.   It's hard work being away from your family for an unknown period of time.  He is trying to stay positive, though sometimes I get complaining calls ;-P  It takes a lot of courage to go out on your own in a new career and to be away from the family for an extended period of time, We LOVE you and Miss you DADDY!!!  Keep up the hard work :)


Aubrey said...

Wow, that must be tough for both of you. I can't imagine having to go and see all the destruction over there and broken homes. So sad. AND It is soo hard to run a home with out a dad. ;( good luck to you both!

Sarah said...

Hey Bro! It's Jack. I am just catching up on your blog. My work takes me to the southeast a lot too (I traveled every week this summer!), so I understand how taxing travel can be. I was in Tuscaloosa, AL where a tornado ripped through this spring and it still looks thrashed. Must be a humbling experience working with the people you meet. Nice work man.
As always, your family looks great.