Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Changes Changes Changes

Summer is over as we know it, and its back to the wind and grind of work!  Lots has changed over the past month in our house  I'll try to recount as much as I can.....
First Josh gave his notice in July that he would be leaving AAA.  He was very kind and gave them 3 weeks notice, everyone parted in a peaceful way.  He didn't feel like disaster restoration was really the career he wanted for the rest of his life.  So the end of July he went to Denver for an 8 day class that certified him to be a CAT insurance adjuster in 44 states.  He enjoyed learning some of the new aspects, he already knew lots of the stuff from having worked with insurance adjusters  and companies doing restoration.  He passed his Texas all lines test with 95%!  Wahoo we were so proud of him! :)
So when he got home it was back to work for mommy.  Well since daddy had to wait for a disaster to strike he got to stay at home with the boys!  What an adjustment for him......going from working full time-- if not over time to staying at home all day with our 2 almost 3 year old and 1 year old! :)  to make matters worse it was a crazy week for me I had things scheduled from 6 am to 6-7 pm all week.  It was not the best week to start being a stay at home dad.  things calmed down the next week a little bit, but still slightly hectic.  By this point dad had the boys in  a routine for the most part.
So Leslie's change was that I started teaching severe special education at Hurricane Elementary.  I have had so many people ask me which I like better general education or special education.  But honestly it's not something you can compare.  I absolutely loved teaching my 2nd graders for 3 years.  But I love the students with severe disabilities that I have now.  They keep me laughing, and stressing and busy just the same.   I have 6 students on my caseload.  2 kindergarten 1 first 1 second and 2 third.  I have 3 part time aids to help me out too!   

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