Sunday, January 15, 2012

November 2011

November came and went like a speeding train!!  Josh spent most of November up in SLC working.  The boys and I partied hard while he was gone! ha ha :)  We went to park and played in the leaves a few days, that was lots of fun.  I took the camera and snapped a few shots.  
 My mom and dad purchased a new house so we spent Thanksgiving break moving their stuff!!  The boys really enjoyed getting everything out of the storage units!

We had Thanksgiving dinner on the 26th because we weren't sure when Josh was going to be able to make it down.  He did end up making it down in time but I hadn't defrosted the turkey....oops! :)  So we doubled up my birthday and Thanksgiving dinner.  Josh made me a delicious chocolate cheesecake with strawberries dipped in chocolate. 
 The neighborhood boys had to have their own turkey bowl!  The had lots of fun Josh had to show off his mad skills and agility with all the weight he had lost.
We had a great November  :)

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