Saturday, March 3, 2012

Valentines 2012

For Valentines this year I went all out ........ kinda.....
We had Stuffed french toast with strawberry jam, and topped with a strawberry cut to look like a heart.  Braxton was so happy when I set it down in front of him!  (Even if he had to eat it super fast because mom forgot to tun the griddle on so the french toast took an extra long time to cook! : O )

We got together with my parents and had a fun valentines dinner.   I gave the boys some color wonder paints and markers, they were so excited to paint! It was really nice to not have a mess after they had painted as well.  Now all Braxton wants to do is paint!! :)

The drink was a pineapple juice, pink lemonade, raspberry sherbet, Sprite Zero  and topped with a strawberry. I merged a few ideas from pintrest...
 Our garlic bread shaped like hearts.
 The yummy salad complete with strawberry's and raspberry vinaigrette.
 Fruit salsa

 The whole shebang!!  Pasta, veggies, salad and bread.

and let's not forget desert...heart shaped brownies :)

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