Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Fun!

We had a splendid Christmas! We were hoping that we would have a little guy to share it with but his plans were not the same as ours! :) We had my parents and a family friend over for presents, lunch and games. It was wonderful!

These are just a a few of the pictures.........
Santa eating his cookies;)

Our traditional games and snack tray on Christmas Eve
The dogs found their stockings.....I'm surprised they made it through the night!!
Josh got U of U shorts, flip flops and a shirt! I'm not sure if he likes the Y or the U? What do you think?!
The doggies and their new bed!

Buddy and the puppy going for buddies bone.........who's going to win........

The puppy! Good thing buddy was distracted with all his other treats:)


Jake & Nicole Burton said...

you need to post braxton's room!!! did the walk work???

Jack and Sarah: said...

no baby? Ah, hang in there! You guys are so stinkin cute we can't wait to meet you little guy!