Thursday, December 18, 2008

?!?!Snow day?!?!

Just letting everyone know that today is a Snow Day for Washington County School District! I know what you are thinking, snow day= 3 or 4 feet of snow, in St. George?!

Well I just wanted to set everyone straight, in Washington County a snow day is um 2-3 inches of snow!

I can't complain too much, I mean I don't have to teach, I get to do whatever I want......but honestly I remember our snow days growing up- you were plowed spend the day shoveling and building snowmen, going sledding.....ya the kids might get lucky if they have enough for a decent snowman! ;)
Oh well Happy snow day!


The Clegg Family said...

Yeah your snow days are like the snow days we had in Albuquerque. Hey your Grandma said that you should be having a baby soon-exciting stuff! Enjoy the time off!

KFinley said...

That is awesome! I think they were just looking for a reason to let you out of school early!

Jake & Nicole Burton said...

That is HILARIOUS! I like that purple shirt on you! I really like the color

Desarae said...

haha that is a crack up! A couple of inches? Makes sense though for a place that never gets snow :) do you miss it down there? We had a huge one yesterday, unfortunately- it was the kind you are used to in Utah...a couple of feet! Merry Christmas