Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunny St. George?

Sunday morning, the snow in our backyard! Driving in Hurricane Monday afternoon

Our car after Josh's math final.

Outside Les's Classroom door!

A field in Hurricane with mules, poor guys!

Just thought we would share all of the sun and warmth that St. George is bringing these days!
Hope it's a white Chritsmas!! :)


Sleights said...

Snow is good for the soul.

KFinley said...

But I'm coming down to St. George to get warm? What's wrong here? So you have a week to get rid of that snow and raise the temp back up to 80 so I can go climbing!

The Nielsen Clan said...

leslie!! you are about to have a baby!!! yeah! I bet that you can not wait! Let us know for sure when the big day arrives.. by the way do you have a nursing cover??let me know!! miss you