Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Catch up with Braxton!

Doing laundry requires two hands, so I put him in with the clothes! Daddy hanging out with Braxton while mommy gets ready for church--
After church mommy didn't feel good so she took a nap, dad thought Braxton should hang out with her!! :)
Look how big he's getting he is sitting up all on his own! Well he does have the help of the couch ;-)
I just love this little outfit, he's such a pimp in his sweats--it even has a hood!
K this is one of my fav's he's looking right at me! and oh how cute is he--well I'm possibly biased but that is my maternal right:)

So I'm making dinner in the kitchen and I lay him down for some tummy time, I turned around to find Jake and Buddy hanging out protecting their little bro! How sweet of them:)


Desarae said...

oh les he is SO CUTE! so cute. I love all those pictures. especially the one of him looking at you and the dogs protecting him. You are the best mom.

Rachelle said...

Hi Leslie,
Some of the girls from school told me that you had a blog. I was so excited to see pictures of your cute boy. Looks like you are enjoying motherhood.